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    useful commands Empty useful commands

    Post  longshot11111111 on Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:01 pm

    some people do not want to go through all the help pages of maybe the help pages do not cover everything. anyways this is a page so that everyone knows basic commands.

    information on the worlds:
    faction- tnt will explode and cause damage. this is a world in which you can loose faction power if you die and this is the only world in which you can set faction home and claim faction land (unless you are a good builder, then, if dan oks it, uoy can also claim land in the survival world)

    survival- tnt will not explode or cause damage. if you die you will not loose power but you can still attack other people. chests can be locked or unlocked by useing /unlock or /lock.

    /help -a basic command which toy will find most of the information that you need on the server.
    /sethome -sets the home for yourself. this is useful on the peaceful world.
    /unlock -unlocks a locked chest.
    /ac pilot [name of airship]
    /ac [name of weapon]

    this is only the start if you want me to post anything, just comment

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