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    a new city or maybe a new world


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    a new city or maybe a new world Empty a new city or maybe a new world

    Post  longshot11111111 on Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:29 pm

    currently i'm working on a new world/ a city. this is a completely modern looking city. it is going to look so cool. anyways i built the city with a texture pack because the original minecraft texture pack was never aimed at building modern structures. i may also be makeing my own texture pack to complment my city. as soon as i can get on and go build a fairly large amount i will start posting pictures or maybe vidoes even. more to come!

    currently im working on the texture pack for my city. im working with a minecraft genius named anders (im trying to get him to join the server but right now he is doing other things). the texture pack will require the most current mc patch which will update and fix some bugs in your minecraft files. this is important because you will see random fire blocks inside of other blockes which completely destroys the look of the texturepack. i will try to get mc patcher and the texture pack available for download as soon as i finish the city.

    also if you want to help name the city just comment with the name in the comment and if it is badass enough it may just be the name of the city

    due to problems that have occurred on the server the project may stop altogether[b]

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