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    Post  AllieCelebi on Wed Jan 02, 2013 2:14 am

    1. My name is Jennifer, but I like to be called Jen, I'm 13, Female, and my IGN is AllieCelebi.
    2. I haven't donated any money, and I wish to, but my parents are very strict.
    3. Yes, I have worked as a moderator before on a creative server for a year, until it was shut down because of a mass grief by a grief team and the server owner never put it back up.
    4. I believe good things I can do are help people, build, and moderate the server.
    5. I'm not totally sure, not anyone has yet but good things come yet?
    6. No, I haven't.
    7. Like I said before, I can build things to help the server look nice and good and I can also Advertise the server around places too.
    8. I haven't played on the server for very long; about a week; but I know for sure I will be on the server for a very long time.
    Thank you for reading my application, and have a wonderful day!

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    Post  dmulloy2 on Wed Jan 02, 2013 2:22 am

    Thank you for applying!
    This is a good application, but im counting this as an initiate application, as we do not promote you directly to Moderator.
    1. What is your name? How old are you? What is your time zone? Satisfactory
    2. How much have you donated? Its okay. I understand not everyone can donate.
    3. Are there any reputable servers where you are of a staff position? (please list IP’s also) Satisfactory
    4. What skills do you believe make you fit for staff? Here, i ask for skills like plugin knowledge and general helpfulness, but building is always appreciated.
    5. Are there any reputable players on ShadowVolt that would recommend you?
    6. Do you have any prior bans, kicks, or jails? (Please explain if so) Your record is clean. Satisfactory.
    7. What extra skills (non-staff) do you have that would benefit the server? Building does count here. Satisfactory.
    8. How long have you played on the server? Here, i ask for time in terms of days online, not necessarily when you started. 4 hours. Okay i guess.

    I would like more information about your staff related skills before i promote you. Can you elaborate on that?

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    Post  AllieCelebi on Wed Jan 02, 2013 2:04 pm

    4. Ah yes, I can go into more detail. On the old server, us staff used a certain mod called the macro keys mod, in which you could - as macros are meant for - set up keyboard keys to do specific things. One was you could set up on to greet people who were new to the server. Another was you could set up to in case you needed to, ban people. When you clicked the keys, it was set to all players, so you could look through the list and pick which one (in the creative server, griefers) was doing harm. However, on the old creative server, as a mod you could only tempban and kick while Admins could tempban, ban, and kick.

    Onwards. I'm going to fix some errors I made. My timezone is Pacific, as of I live in California. Also, I'm very kindhearted and nice to people and that's why I think I'd be good in the staff (even if the person is super annoying).

    I hope this helps for my application!

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