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    Camthedaredevil Moderator Application Empty Camthedaredevil Moderator Application

    Post  camthedaredevil on Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:38 pm

    Camthedaredvil Application For moderator/Admin/Trial-Mod/Trial-Admin


    ign: camthedaredevil


    Timezone: Eastern

    Reason To be Staff:I want to help the server and get more people on I like to help i know lots of commands i know lots of people who can help too.I can help get new people and Make the server alot better place and im not mean at all
    Im Very good at being Staff and i would just like to help

    Staff on servers: Shut down Head-mod Slickpvp . Owner: Gotgamepvp Was Hacked .

    Staff Application for Moderator/admin/Trial-Mod/Trial-Admin

    Priors:No Bans
    Priors:No Kicks
    Priors:No Jails
    Priors:No Mutes

    PLayer recommeded me:No Not Yet Sir


    What extra skills (non-staff) do you have that would benefit the server:Building,Helping

    What skills do you believe make you fit for staff:Good at Building,Helping,Following Rules,Inforcing rules

    Amount played on server:Few Hours

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    Camthedaredevil Moderator Application Empty Re: Camthedaredevil Moderator Application

    Post  dmulloy2 on Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:43 pm

    Thanks for applying!
    I am going to use our "requirements" for the first part of my reply:
    1) You haven't donated
    2) We haven't spoken to you
    3) You do not have any priors

    Now, the example application
    State your IGN and desired staff position (Initiate is the first rank)in the title of a new topic under the staff thread. Please do not reply to this topic with staff applications thanks!
    1. What is your name? How old are you? What is your timezone?
    2. How much have you donated? $0
    3. Are there any reputable servers where you are of a staff position? (please list IP’s also) Check.
    4. What skills do you believe make you fit for staff? Missing
    5. Are there any reputable players on ShadowVolt that would recommend you? Missing
    6. Do you have any prior bans, kicks, or jails? (Please explain if so) Check.
    7. What extra skills (non-staff) do you have that would benefit the server? Missing.
    8. How long have you played on the server? A few minutes.

    Please improve this application.

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